The Stages of Life

Learn About Retirement, Housing and Other Decisions during the various stages throughout life.

Beginning of Life

You have graduated high school or college and you’re off to your first job, making money; it’s a good time to begin to understand the basics of Financial Planning. You need to
understand budgeting and investments. A.I.M is here to help educate you.

Thinking about Retirement

You are now thinking about what happened in the past. And what you’ll be facing in the future. Plans for children’s education. Plans for retirement. But it’s time to start to look
at where you are against these goals. Now is the time that you need to start to check where you will be financially for the rest of your life.

I Need Some Assistance

The human body is a machine. Both muscular and memory. At some point, it is likely, we will need some assistance. Whether it be simply transferring from a chair to standing up. Or,
remembering how to transfer from the chair. We at Aging Issues Management have expertise helping Individuals plan. At this stage, financially, and have the strategies on how to identify all the resources
available. Medicaid. Planning is an important part.

Having a Partner and Family

You now have obligations. Maybe a mortgage. Maybe children, and someone else is dependent on you. Insurance, and future financial planning is extremely important. Let A.I.M. help you identify your insurance needs to protect your partner and family.


When you make that decision. There are a lot of questions and issues you will face. There are questions on Social Security. There are questions on Medicare. And there are questions on “Do I have adequate resources to provide for my family for the rest of our lives”. You need to be prepared.


Unfortunately, as the quote goes, in life there’s nothing definite except taxes and death.
We help people plan to both reduce taxes and provide for survivors. We plan for both expected Life estate and Medicaid estate and survivor planning for both is important. We review all documents to
make sure they are up to date. And that they actually provide issues for the issues that you brought.

Ready to get started?

Let’s make a plan that works for you!